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Discover unexplored market opportunities and identify current trends in the chemical and energy sector across Qatar.

Qatar Chemicals and Energy Consulting Company
Chemicals Consulting Company in Qatar
The industry's outlook is growing and transforming. Chemical's contribution to manufacturing in Qatar was recorded to be the highest, accounting for 50% share in 2017, followed by refining (14%). Qatar’s chemicals revenue also improved by 8% in the same year, reaching the value of US$6.4 billion. It is generated primarily through petrochemicals (76%) and fertilizer segment.

As for energy, the country produced 225 Mtoe in 2017 to meet the demand of 43 TWh. Renewable energy is currently accounting for around 28% in Qatar. Solar energy is among promising alternatives for the country, as it is geographically well-positioned to boost solar capability.

Market Research Qatar will give chemical and energy advisory services in a wide range of areas, including petrochem and agrochemicals, chemical 4.0, as well as sustainability and circular economy. Our expert consultants will guide you to tackle the market challenges and build the best strategy to enter and succeed in the local Qatari market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Qatar Market Intelligence

Clients will be provided actionable insights based on our real-life business experiences to help them anticipating fast shift in market demand as well competitive outlook.

Qatar Market Entry

Potential options will be measured in reducing financial uncertainty for our clients by giving relevant market data on channels, suppliers, customers, competitors, and many more.

Qatar Competitive Intelligence

We build thorough analysis on Qatari market competition and gain understanding from best experiences to avoid excessive breaches. We promise to provide strategic advantage for our clients by exploring unseen opportunities and blind spots in the market.

Qatar Customer Intelligence

Our consulting team will identify customers' buying trends, behavior and demographic based on their persona to give essential contribution in developing new ideas.


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