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Win Qatari burgeoning consumer and retail market by implementing customer-centric approach, localisation, and adopting current technology.

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Qatar Consumer Trends Market Research
The country presents a large consumer market. Qatar has a population of more than 2.6 million with an urbanization rate at 99.4%, It is also one of the richest countries worldwide, based on GDP per capita, ranked 5th with approximately US$132,886 in 2019. Qatari consumers take into consideration the quality of goods and services offered and are willing to try new products.

Organised retail market in the capital was recorded at 1.4mn sq m of GLA, spread across 21 retail malls as of 2018. The growth of retail market is primarily driven by rapid economic development, high levels of disposable income with affluent standard of living.

Our team at Market Research Qatar is committed to guide you in capturing the extensive opportunities across different areas such as digitalisation,social networking service, as well as digital wallet and marketplace. Our expert consultants will help clients in anticipating potential shifts of buyers' needs and thriving in the Qatari market competition.

Our Key Service Offerings

Qatar Market Intelligence

We're competent in providing evidence-based insights for clients based on our practical business experiences. We will guide clients in predicting changes in market demands as well as emergence of new competitive threats.

Qatar Market Entry

Several promising options are weighed to minimize financial uncertainty for our clients by giving related informations about competitors, customers, suppliers, channels, and other relevant market conditions.

Qatar Competitive Intelligence

We build thorough analysis on Qatari market competition and secure insights from best practices to shun costly omissions and reinvention. Clients will be guaranteed unique advantage by exploring untapped market opportunities and competitors' blind spots.

Qatar Customer Intelligence

Our team of professional consultants will identify customers' buying trends, demographic and behavior in order to provide insightful input to the development of new products.


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